♫♪  Danny L Harle - “Can’t Sleep Love” / “Ashes of Love”

Despite unlocking the highly-coveted “snake whisperer” achievement, PC Music’s Danny L Harle was a completely average DJ in the “Jungle Survival DJ Challenge.” But Harle is apparently moving forward with his music career anyway. Last week, he released “Ashes of Love” featuring Caroline Polachek of Chairlift (listen below), and now he’s back with a remix for “vocal sensation” Pentatonix. Check out the Daniel Swan-directed video below and the original track here.

Some thoughts from the artists about the remix:

Danny L Harle:

I love the world of Pentatonix, it is so extreme and absurd. Who could have guessed that a vocal group could become such a chart smash phenomenon? It is exactly the kind of bonkers thing that hits just the right chord with the present day mainstream. I am very interested in this grey area between experimental (bonkers) and popular music. I also love nice melodies, and the fact that all of the music of Pentatonix is so clearly crafted by people who have a real passion for vocal arranging and melody was another reason why this remix was appealing to me. I am so happy with the way the track and video has turned out, and I am so thankful to Mitch and Pentatonix for the opportunity.

Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix:

We’ve been playing Danny’s remix before every show on tour, and the crowds have absolutely loved it every time. I’m always in awe of Danny’s compositions, and this is no exception. It’s a perfect marriage of our squeaky clean, pitched-up vocal tracks and Danny’s abrasive (but extremely poppy & danceable) musical production. HUGE DANNY!

“Can’t Sleep Love” (Danny L Harle remix):

“Ashes of Love”:

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