♫♪  Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - “Super Natural (felicita remix)”

As we reported   15   day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release #  17  , we get a new [song/video/album/EP/mix/other] from   felicita   titled   “Super Natural (felicita remix),” a track originally by Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen  . It’s a really   I HATE MAD LIBS KILL ME   and   DO IT NOW   [song/video/album/EP/mix/other]. A person on social media said   “This is where I decided to mute this and put on some N SYNC”  !

  “Super Natural (felicita remix),” a track originally by Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen   follows   felicita  ’s last release, which was   “ecce homo”  . That one was very   I HATE MAD LIBS KILL ME   too, but also   FIND ME AND PLEASE MURDER ME. I AM READY TO DIE  .

Experience   “Super Natural (felicita remix),” a track originally by Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen   by   felicita   [above/below], check out the previous Month of Mayhem release right here, and don’t forget to   KILL ME!! (and also read a “conversation” between felicita and Danny L Harle below)  .

See you tomorrow!

OK so this remix is complete nonsense, what are you even trying to do?

To quote something you said in a recent interview, which I liked and agree with: ‘the way in which music is performed is largely uninteresting, just as long as it SOUNDS amazing…’

I decided at the outset of felicita that I would only do remixes if they were very occasional, for ‘big’ or ‘mainstream’ artists, and then only if I could take them wherever I feel like.

Why does your music never settle into a regular rhythm or anything? I can’t follow it.

I’m gonna answer this question with a series of questions:

Why is your music so painfully generic?

Is it born of a blinkered and pre-failed attempt at a kind of ‘cultural universalism’, which you pursue through your patrician notion of ‘Pop’ music?

Do you regard difference and formal invention as anathema to ‘the mainstream’, which you pledge allegiance to, albeit to an outdated version, which you are desperately trying to force back to life, like trying to administer CPR to a 3310, in the hope that your music actually becomes ‘Pop’ music, though you know it never will, cannot be, because no-one listens to or cares about N Sync anymore?

My five year old niece could your make music tbh?

I’d like to see him try.

Do you feel guilty about anything and do you ever harbour secrets?

Both, all the time. Secrets are Sexy.

Why are you signed to PC Music ?

Good question. Because I believe in Pop music..

Do you like stand-up comedy? Because your music is a joke.

I don’t need stand-up comedy…..people are funny enough already.

Do you like Miley Cyrus single ‘Malibu’? What would you say to her about it?

Three thousand ninety Li farther southeast, then northeast, stands Departing Doves Mountain.

On its heights are many mulberry trees.

There is a bird dwelling here whose form resembles a crow, with a patterned head, white beak, and red feet.

It is called Jingwei and makes a sound like its name.

Jingwei was once a human named Nüwa.

Nüwa was swimming in the Eastern Sea when she was unable to return to shore and drowned.

She transformed into the Spirit-Guardian Jingwei.

All day she collects twigs and stones from the Western Mountains, and carries them in her beak, to fill up the Eastern Sea.

The Zhang River emanates from here and flows eastward into the Yellow River.

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