Darling Farah
Body [album stream]

Much like this geezer, Darling Farah’s debut is likely to be described as “one for the headz(zzzzzzzz).” Pffff whatever, it’s just great music. Just listen to the third track, “Fortune.” The use of reverb (I cant quite tell whether its a convolution or algorithmic module) and clever automation gives a bewildering sense of space. And it’s so well compressed; I’d love to know what type of VST he uses, as well as his attack times, ratio settings, and send levels. And the synth modulation is something else. I must know whether its granular, subtractive, or additive. And I wonder what DAW he uses, sounds like an Ableton 8.1 to me. Just darn great music.

• Darling Farah: http://www.darlingfarah.com
• Civil Music: http://www.civilmusic.com

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