♫♪  Darren Harper - “Reds & Blues”

The second release from DISQ AN, a new microlabel run by Alexandre Navarro (former founder of the now-retired SEM label) out of Paris, is a new record by a fellow named Darren Harper called Reduction & Variant. Harper, who resides in Colorado, creates lush ambient music, this time with a generous helping of rhythm formed by clicks and pulses swirling in unhurried yet deliberate formation. On “Reds & Blues”, string-like textures vibrate in an out of focus, as a steady beat lays out the vague parameters of this alien spatial territory. The release is now available on CD, and can be ordered from the label directly. Enjoy these wintry, cozy environments from Darren Harper, and keep an eye on the intriguing new imprint DISQ AN to see the future of tasteful minimal beat music.

• Darren Harper: http://darrenjh.blogspot.com
• DISQ AN: http://disqan.net/Reduction-Variant

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