♫♪  David Kanaga - Opis Ongs & Queen Rau’s Rold

It’s not an obligation, but a birthright. Nothing you can avoid, but a stain, almost, right? I can’t fucking read, so whatever this mind-to-text is working because my brain seems to be typing these thoughts. Ooo, but there’s room. Pennsylvania.

I’ll be real: Noumenal Loom fucks around. And I respect that when labels fuck around. It’s their money: fuck around or fuck off, AMIRITE?? Opis Ongs & Queen Rau’s Rold is NOT something I’d expect to be released on Noumenal Loom. But, it’s chill-chill-chill-chill.

Pretend with me you walk into work on Monday after the long break and were like, “Yeah, I fell mad-deep into this new David Kanaga release. You heard this banger?” But could it ever happen?

People are generally pretty wonderful, though. And Opis Ongs & Queen Rau’s Rold absolutely reminds me of how wonderful people are, so please keep fucking with me. I’ve nothing else to do:

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