♫♪  David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble - “In Service” / “Woodwork”

This very .biz site was my first introduction to David Thomas Broughton. The year was 2006, and the day was a brisk one, not unlike today (that is, if today is indeed brisk where you are… how the hell should I know?). Times were different then: the moon was a young, aimless wanderer, trying to find itself; movies were not only in black and white, but silent; and water was a nickel a gallon and as yellow as the belly of a coward. Like I said, different times.

That’s all in the past, though. Nowadays, water is purple and 50 Cent’s or something, movies are a colorful and soundful thing, and the moon is back on it’s nonexistent feet, in a big way! Oh, and David Thomas Broughton has a new collaborative album coming out in the near future.

Sliding the Same Way, the album I just told you about, is a slice of classic Broughton pie, but with a little somethin’ extra. His unmistakable voice, acoustic plucks and strums, and snotgreen lyrics are all in tow, but this time, that pie has got itself some whipped cream on top, known as the Juice Vocal Ensemble. The Juicers complement the tow-ed attributes of DTB wonderfully, adding to his songs with supreme effect. Once you get a taste, you’ll wonder how he ever got along without the trio in the first place. Or maybe not.

Sliding the Same Way wont be out until November 14th, but it is available for pre-order through the .biz site of Song, by Toad Records. Below, you’ll find two previews from the album, “In Service” and “Woodwork”. Enjoy!

• David Thomas Broughton: http://www.davidthomasbroughton.co.uk
• Juice Vocal Ensemble: http://www.juicevocalensemble.net/site
• Song, by Toad Records: http://songbytoadrecords.com

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