♫♪  Davis - “Better When You Flow”

So, I’ve mentioned something like this before, but to reiterate: Matthewdavid is a magician to me. Aside from his musical talent and unmatched production skills, he knows how to pick winners on his own Leaving Records. New Julia Holter (repress coming soon) jam in the spotlight? Check. Working on Ras G and LIVEPHREAXXX!!!! cassette volumes, what? Double Check. Matthewdavid bumping up Serengeti? TKO! “Better When You Flow” got me mad prop-points on turntable.fm and hawt looks on the LIE. But listen to them production cuts, that throb-throb baaaaaass, and sick snare scratch vocals. What do you think hits home in hip/hop these days? “It obvious u dont hav 2 ask.” Once again, Leaving Records’ beats brake more cassette players across the globe thanks to Davis. Reel it around and.

• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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