♫♪  Dayin - Letting Go of People

It’s officially springtime: the days are getting longer (as if that’s a real thing), flowers are blooming, birds are doing it, and the majority of people are feeling better and better each and every day. Not Dayin though. Old boy is still Letting Go of People. He’s kicking them to the curb, so to say. “Bye-bye buddy, who needs ya,” is probably what he’s thinking ALL OF THE TIME.

Letting Go of People is fairly reminiscent of spring, though, despite the implied detachment of the title. It grows and blossoms. It opens and unfurls like pedals in sunlight. The subtlest changes emerge and disappear with Dayin’s drones, replenishing the track continually with an alive newness. So, spring. Yeah.

One of three tapes in Cosmic Winnetou’s latest batch, Letting Go of People is streaming in full below via Dayin’s Bandcamp. You can also grab a physicall copy here.

• Dayin: https://dayin.bandcamp.com
• Cosmic Winnetou: http://www.cosmicwinnetou.blogspot.com

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