♫♪  Dean Blunt - “†”

That classic dry beat, bounce-to-rumble bass, staggering melodious guitar, and distant sax: yeah, we know “†” is you already, Dean Blunt. You ain’t even gotta start up that lyrical hate, but we’ll hear your transgressions because… you know. And he does it again: a shtick akin to (obviously) Black Metal and The Act of Killing. Oh, and Shellac’s “Prayer to God.” But that is, he’s just divulging further into the art of portraying the obvious, obliviously/neutrally. Oh… oh SONG is your pray? Ja. Ja. There is that prayer! :)

It’s tight that Dean is always going into modalities and stylings of his musical work, but sometimes it becomes repetitive, and “†” could have been [and probably is] a d-side off Black Metal and nobody would’ve even blinked at the thought of comparing it to any of his other works. Yet, I digress. “†” is not a new beginning for Dean Blunt, but possibly a sending-off to his last-year musical aesthetic, honing in a whole new wave of creation the world will be prepared for 20 years from now. But luckily your good pals at TMT got your back for the scoop and show. So listen to the new Dean Blunt track “†” below, and pray along:

• Dean Blunt: https://www.youtube.com/user/pollyjacobsen/videos

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