Dean Blunt
“Love Me Thru This”

Former Hype Williams enigma Dean Blunt continues his work with English folk singer Joanne Robertson on a new clip posted via the cplnd SoundCloud on Nov. 29. “Love Me Thru This” continues on a meditative, sorrowful trip as Robertson sings over sampled violins and trumpets. As is always the case with Blunt, it’s impossible to say where the track belongs in the context of his fragmented back catalog or whether it’s hinting at another potential release.

This year has already seen him drop two incredible albums, both of which earned our Eureka! distinction: Hippos In Tanks issued The Redeemer back in May, while the Stone Island release was a lot more discreet to say the least. Fingers crossed there will be more Dean Blunt to celebrate before the year is through!

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