♫♪  Dean Blunt - UK2UK

Special alert: Dean Blunt just dropped a new release titled UK2UK. The half-hour mix takes us through nine tracks (one of which features Arca), offering some of the most striking fashion design: smooth silky fabric, regular fit, round neckline, feathers and organza detail on chest and back. It’s for people who want that old feeling without the dizziness, lack of bodily control, and distinct lack of that feeling from chasing the dragon; for those walking the same streets as Sherlock in two days; for those having issues with the Royal Mail, pupils pinned, nose itching, and receptors buzzing with delight. Unfortunately, the server is down, there’s a temporary hiccup in the Tor network, and you’re actually in the jail cells chilling with the beggars.

Stream and/or download UK2UK here:

01. bangin lemon
02. back2mine
03. cookies
05. pagans ft arca
06. young blood
07. bright
08. breddas
09. fonda
10. exit wounds ft dj escrow

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