♫♪  Dean Spunt - EE Head

“Hey, THAT’S not what No Age sounds like!”

… I yell at the top of my lungs ten years ago, because look, we’ve all changed, we’ve all grown, we’ve all evolved. Well, some of us have. Us forward thinkers. Us doers of good things. Us recognizers of what progress looks like.

Me from ten years ago would’ve thrown a shitfit if he could hear me now.

(OK, so I’m being dramatic. Let’s call it me from twenty years ago.)

Dean Spunt’s one of us, an evolver. A radical. Just like Radical Documents, the label responsible for the EE Head LP. Spunt’s four-track album is an experimental reminder that knuckle-dragging rockers can scope a bone and use it as a tool or a weapon to smash other things, not just play it like a guitar while alien monoliths scowl disapprovingly in the background. (Yes, I know Spunt’s the drummer, back off.)

Spunt scoped a kick drum, a microphone, some samples, and a motion sensor (to trigger the samples at random). He used them at “an initial performance … at Gordon Robichaux Gallery (NY), September 16th, 2017.” The result was pure musique concrète bliss, as samples, feedback, and pulse wound around each other in a dance of improvisational delight. Let’s see you do that with your underdeveloped frontal lobe, primitive humanity!

Spunt was so enamored with the results that he recreated them for this record.

“How’d he do?”

Pretty good.

Pretty good, and if you ever find yourself lost behind your eyelids after belting a bunch of hallucinogens, EE Head might start to make stuff glow.

Pretty good for contemplating the universe.

Pretty good for forgetting all about No Age for a second.

OK, you can think about them again.

Me from twenty years ago would be so confused.

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