♫♪  death’s dynamic shroud.wmv - 世界大戦OLYMPICS

‘Member when vaporwave was supposed to be dead? When the whole thing was over?! HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!?!?1?!

Welp, funny thing: vaporwave is thriving, and it’s selling out. And I don’t mean “selling out” (though it is/has been doing that). What I mean is that the genre’s physical copies are still selling out, big tyme.

Enough of that jazz, though. I’m just miffed I didn’t get myself a copy of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv’s tape, 世界大戦OLYMPICS, on the justly beloved Orange Milk Records. Complaining isn’t gonna fix that, though. So, I must go hunting… (elapsement of time)… Oh, dangy! I can’t even find a copy on any distro sites. Probs gonna be like fuckin’ $500 in a month or two on Discogs. Congrats to all you FUCKSHIT collectors.

But, even though all the tapes are gone, so long as this wired world wide web of wireless webs are webbed together, you can still stream 世界大戦OLYMPICS over at Orange Milk’s BundCump, or below. Unjoy!

• death’s dynamic shroud.wmv: https://deathsdynamicshroud.bandcamp.com/
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com/

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