♫♪  Deejay Earl - Audio Fixx [album stream]

Following along with the more fluid footworkers, Deejay Earl really brings the A-to-Z game on his newest full-length, Audio Fixx. Not giving it an order or nothing; just 14 tracks listed alphabetically. And this ain’t none of that weird footwork shit either. Audio Fixx is more something your Grams can slap on socks to hardwood and juke out. The sounds/noises are fresh and otherworldly; there’s beats on beats on beats; and I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard so much sushi-sliced soul. The dance floor has again been set on fire, and this time it involves Deejay Earl knocking the fire alarm out and charring the freshly lacquered wood. Just, um, Teklife for life, live your life today, and footwork too hard. That’s it; I’m done talking about music for this post now — hi-bye-yes.

• Deejay Earl: http://soundcloud.com/djearlteckz

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