♫♪  Deep Hum - “Birds of the Week II”

Weird is good.

Life is weird — no matter how many times life lobs a truly bizarre experience in your direction, you often come out the other end of it having learned a few good lessons along the way. Either that or you’re more confused than ever, potentially shell-shocked into a numbness where continuing weirdness bounces off you as you become acclimated to its presence. There’s also a lesson in there somewhere, but you’re going to have to do some digging and serious self-reflection to get to it.

But hey, weird is good.

I can’t vouch for how you’re going to respond to the weirdness of Deep Hum, a trio out of Wales that’s just about to drop their debut physical release (Hit Singles from the End of the World) on November 16, but I think you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl. Spoken vocals burrow beneath vaguely tropical manifestations of psychedelic cartoonery – the trio sounds like an ensemble, a full-fledged hotel bar band at some beach resort … on a planet that isn’t Earth.

Now I have your attention.

Utilizing an unconventional approach — sitar, guitar, synth, beats — Deep Hum ride the waves of their own creation, effortlessly conjuring up eccentric vibes that progress at a captivating pace. You don’t even realize it when a track stretches past the ten-minute mark, you’re that far into it. When you finally emerge at the other end, lungs coated in the glittery substance that passes for ocean spray this far out in the galaxy, you’re washed upon a shore, relaxed, wondering why you’re seeing everything as 16-bit Sega Genesis visuals but not caring because you’re fine — you’ve embraced the weird. Weird is ever-so-flipping good!

Check out “Birds of the Week II” in advance of the album, and wonder how three people can funkily muse about fowl for thirteen minutes.

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