♫♪  Deli Girls - Evidence

When you go in and ask for a chop-cheese, but they hand you ground beef and a ripped up bun in a Fritos bag. So you look at the man and tell him, ” No, this isn’t what I ordered. I ordered curly fries and hot wings,” but a chicken-caesar-salad wrap is now in your black back. Next to two Four Lokos. Ocho Lokos. And maybe Central Park for a laced blunt before an hour pretending Time’s Square is an amusement park where Iron Man and Minnie Mouse are tour guides. But really you’ve taken them hostage and the camera crew that’s been following you is really a team of negotiators. Now you’re on top of where the Cup O Noodles sign used to be, and OH SHIT IT’S STILL THERE. Brandon is still talking about you on a cellphone down below, so you drop Minnie on him, maybe. Or you’re still in Central Park licking a half smoked blunt back together because that wrap gave you indigestion after spilling a quarter Loko on it. Only really you’re still arguing with the deli man on a Yemen national holiday about not having lamb to cook on-hand.

Sweat Equity is pure NYC, so when Deli Girls references Mind Dynamics as Evidence of influence, then:

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