♫♪  Demen - Nektyr

Demen is a reminder to listeners of the gratuity that is artistic background information. The folks at Chicago’s Kranky have a whole story about this accompanying the release of Nektyr:

First, they received an anonymous email with the concise message, “Hi, maybe you would be interested in this music.” After Kranky reps expressed an interest in hearing more, Demen responded with an even more concise, “Yes.” An ominous silent period of three months then took place, and at its conclusion, the artist revealed her name (Irma Orm), location (Stockholm), and some context (she works alone and the music-creation process “was slow but steady”). By mid-2016, the album was completed.

Now, finally, we get to hear the results. The album’s titled Nektyr, and it’s out today via Kranky. Listen to the full album below.

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