♫♪  d’Eon - “Region 9”

I began refusing to share my full name online at the beginning of the year because I’d much rather people talk to me, straight up. What occurred to me is I am nobody and nobody wanted to know me. CUT TO: around the time all the snow melted in March, I was walking my dog at 1AM, fuckin’round via smart phone, and when we came back home, Maude had a dead bird in her mouth. The epiphany: she was the only somebody looking for my attention in the real world. Now I wield a flip phone and it feels alive and free and “Robby” and lonely, but all-in-all, yeah —mostly free.

Last year, d’Eon’s Music For Keyboard Vol. IV: “Blackout” not only brought me to a whole new world of expectations in atmospheric music writing, but the ditty still holds a special CDr slot in my whip. Guess who just moved into the slot next door? Music for Keyboard Vol V: “Robby” (FULL DOWNLOAD HERE) has much less of a vile sensibility than Vol. IV’s deteriorating sounds of beauty, but remains true to d’Eon’s intentions of “a ‘market’-free approach to an otherwise sticky web of monetizing networks.” And as a perfect example of the world he’s building in Vol. V — tapped phone-lines, hidden dial-up rhythms, privacy obliteration sampling — “Region 9” (Vol. V’s second single) mixes an alleviating piano melody against the brooding bewilderment of being on-hold or waiting for an answer.

Music for Keyboard Vol V: “Robby” is a pleasant soundtrack to what I’ve given up recently, including the relief, abandonment, anti-culture, one-step ahead/behind, and (potentially) privacy infringement. Seriously, though, if d’Eon is the only person interested in tapping and taping my phone-line — and ain’t NOBODY interested in what I gotta say, for REAL — I’d gladly and unknowingly (but knowingly) accept, a hundred fold.

• d’Eon: http://ddddddeon.org

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