♫♪  Derek Rogers / Sparkling Wide Pressure - Tension in a Field of Nothing [excerpt]

As if we needed more from two of the most prolific of experimental musicians… Hang on, that came out all wrong. What I meant to say is this: despite the fact that each of these artists have released more music than any of us possibly have time to hear in our lifetimes… Oof. How do I frame this so you’ll be excited about another release from Derek Rogers and Sparkling Wide Pressure, a pair of musicos who together have authored hundreds of releases over the past couple of years? Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself (no pun intended… unless you’re laughing). After all, apparently enough people have already gotten excited about it since the tape has sold out, released just shy of two months ago. One edge this split has: this is old material. Shelved for two years for who knows what reason, the fine folks at No Kings have decided this music worthy of your aural attention. Not only does the excerpt stream below hint that these are two challenging and beautiful sides of music, but this is also a very cool look into these artists’ pasts, helpful in getting some kind of a grip on where each of their now highly developed and individual styles came from.

Take Rogers’ portion especially, which includes a very heavy Dead C psycho-psychedelia vibe I wouldn’t have expected knowing what he’s been up to this year. SWP’s side, meanwhile, stretches out a much denser and meandering drone than some of the more structured and composed works of the guitarist’s current output (check his Preservation CD or his wonderful tape on Fadeaway, both released earlier this year).

As I previously mentioned, this one’s all gone from the source, but check distros and with the artists individually for available copies.

• Derek Rogers: http://derekrogers.bandcamp.com
• Sparkling Wide Pressure: http://sparklingwidepressure.bandcamp.com
• No Kings: http://nokingsrecord.co

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