♫♪  Diamond Black Hearted Boy - zᵉʳº / “Jacksonville Extended Stay Hotel Selfish Intellectual Blues”

Diamond Black Hearted Boy (a.k.a. Chino Amobi) has just dropped a three-track follow-up to his bizarre Father, Protect Me album from earlier this year. While that release explored an intoxicatingly ineffable darkness through various stylistic, dissociative permutations, his new release (whose cover art features model Barbara Palvin, for no apparent reason) is much more straightforward but no less weird: each song consists of someone on loop saying “zero,” with the occasional ambient swell and whispered “I miss you” peppered throughout. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, all three tracks are the same, despite their titles indicating different versions. But this is perhaps DBHB’s oblique strategy, underscoring the very important idea that even repetition is a form of change.

Meanwhile, Diamond Black Hearted Boy also just updated his SoundCloud account with a new track called “Jacksonville Extended Stay Hotel Selfish Intellectual Blues.” It’s really quite amazing. I’ll spare you my interpretation and let you just bathe in it:

• Diamond Black Hearted Boy: http://soundcloud.com/diamondblackheartedboy

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