♫♪  Diamondstein - “Alone Not Alone”

Out tomorrow on Dream Catalogue is the debut album The Ridges by Diamondstein. In celebration of the new releases, “Alone Not Alone” comes at listeners with a bait that’s only reeling for the bite. Moaning in with chants, synthetics, and chiming, Diamondstein beings an atmospheric thunder rolling into a larger, brassier sound that swells senses like the video accompanying the single, “Alone Not Alone.” And there’s a cleverness to this video, containing everything Dream Catalogue: the foggy disco balls that sort-of encapsulate tinges of each release, hazy reflections of distant blurs that reflect irises, night-time traffic fluttering by with low-light fades, heads entranced by lulled listening experiences, infinity etc. Are you ready for a drift? It’s within The Ridges. Just know your “Alone Not Alone.” We all know it’s about the experience. We’re all in this together:

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