♫♪  Diamondstein / Sangam - Lullabies For Broken Spirits [preview]

Internal gauges at +11. There’s a smell that sounds more like it feels. So keep an eye out. Because the taste of success is just a blend of ambient waves one projects until the task is complete. The quieter the production, the louder we turn up. And Doom Trip Records knows what-it-is, gripping a good split and collab space of tracks by Sangam and Diamondstein in holy matrimony of Lullabies For Broken Spirits. Oh, you know what I need to hear? * man then passes out on chair with battery-dead laptop, leg burns from the computer battery, no more sperm left forever (all sperm fried), a cracked screen -but-, vomits into pocket of baggy cargo shorts thinking it’s ego friendly. acid making your skin itch, and a plethora of problems you can’t even flesh out across your noddary glands. Sing along with a preview of three tracks off Lullabies For Broken Spirits. Ponder the stream:

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