♫♪  Dirty Three - “Rising Below”

I guess congratulations are in order, People of Earth (with an extra nod to former artsy high school/college kids who have had an unknowable void in their hearts since 2005), because your hearts are about to overflow! Toward The Low Sun! That’s the name of the new album by, get this: Dirty Three! The band you used to love; the only band that really needs violin! Sure, in the meantime, we’ve had tremendous output from Warren Ellis with all his crazy Nick Cave projects that were, miraculously, real (Nick Cave actually wrote a film! Remember? Sometimes cool shit exists.). And Jim White has been playing (totally stealing the show) in the bands of Chan Power and Smog Callahan, etc. But in what other situation can we say to him, “Okay, now you drum; I will be entertained” as much as we can say it with Dirty Three? And Mick Turner! What’s he been doing since 2007? Painting weird pictures? Okay, but finally someone put these people in a room together so they could give us gifts that are songs! I don’t have to explain; that may be my job in this instance, but zzzz — just listen to this track. Chocolate Grinder! Italics! Exclamation points! Fluff! This is gonna be out on some label called Drag City in February.

• Dirty Three: http://anchorandhope.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Chocolate Grinder

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