♫♪  Diveo - “Ferris Wheel”

Activia Benz’s ilovesingles.club presents Diveo’s track “Ferris Wheel,” a futuristic practically musical theatre track that feels filled with genuine emotion and wet with irony. The humanoid robotic voice goes up and down notes in a very precise order, singing about general yearning for a girl at the top of a ferris wheel, much like some Rodgers and Hammerstein protagonist. Diveo reinterprets the meandering nature of musicals instrumentally as well: intricate synths replace strings and hi hats replace a piano to create a electronic texture that feels far from pop music and even farther from the dancefloor, yet very close to American theatricality.

But it’s not until the entrance of the humanoid robotic female voice (the girl at the top of the ferris wheel) that this theory is confirmed. Mid song dialogue is followed by the girl’s part of the song, almost identical in note structure to that of the boy’s. The narrative wraps up in a perfect little package and the song ends, a quintessential little romance for 2015. Or perhaps a lonely fantasy created by a producer with two robots. Or a critique of the mass internet consumption of sterotypical heteronormative relationships.

• Diveo: https://soundcloud.com/diveo
• Activia Benz: https://soundcloud.com/activia-benz

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