DJ Baglady
Beloved [album stream]

The heat is here via hot flashes and DJ Baglady. The color red fills everyone’s eyes, and flipping out is the new dance-fuck. In rapid succession of utilizing every dance noise once conceived, DJ Baglady got crowds bouncing all the hair out they heads. And in cult form and fashion, under the disco ball bares reused two-steps and removed clothes in a decadent facade of pleasure and sequence, happy falling lights shine on half happy faces and lots of nodding sunglasses. So much intensity that your day job boss stops everything and axes, “What is going on?” Yo, y’all know Beloved is banging and “going on,” duuuuude. Flip a bitch and start nodding your head in praise of ritual dance mix. Also, maybe AMDISCS will release this as a physical release. Or they’ll just continue bringing music into the 21st century, completely digitally.

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