♫♪  DJ Cloarec - LI​$​MIX001: Nikkie Van Lierop

DJ Cloarec is the bard of mixing. Utilizing interview and op-ed recordings of Nikkie Van Lierop, DJ Cloarec provides LI​$​MIX001 with a scape of exploration in the new-beat genre. Both an homage and inspired release, LI​$​MIX001: Nikkie Van Lierop is self-serving in terms of WHY and FUCK-IT JAM! As if it’s a documentary that never existed, but [now] appropriately has been reappropriated into an X-carved brainhole filled with false reality and true fiction. The impressive way DJ Cloarec can fantasize and mockumentary the absolute in music is pure. And low income $quad is here to present us with the full LI​$​MIX001: Nikkie Van Lierop affect:

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