♫♪  DJ David Goblin - “Squigpipe” / “In The Klub [Goblinized Traks]”

DJ David Goblin been trolling around the orc on PRR! PRR!. Ork Muzik is the name of this CD game, and hacking up beats in how dGoblin swings the axe.


How the fuck you gonna sit there and not think Spencer Clark had some weird influence on this maniacal track? Cantina melodies that’s so upfront and blown-out it’s distant. Ork-ish drumming that could drunk you under the table. The ghoul spirits lifting your charisma all the way to the bathroom floor. Praying to the porcelain goddess. NEVER FLUSH!

“In The Klub [Goblinized Traks]”

But “In The Klub [Goblinized Traks]” is something else, entirely. I’ve always been on a pretty intrigued tip with mixes PRR! PRR! and Editions Gravats. There’s a unique way each release paints a story with the samples and mixing, post-production jesterings and original hacks. But (x2) “In The Klub [Goblinized Traks]” comes exactly out of the left field we all need. Super crucial to the way the world works. A bard on the board. Characters, story lines, transitional marksmanship, and a CD, left in the Horror section of the library, awaiting its prey.

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