♫♪  DJ Hennessy Frontman - “CVS Bangers”

DJ Hennessy Frontman released this dope mixx back in April, but seven months later, it still feels as current as the day it was released. A 30-minutes plus mix of soft rock, coffeehouse pop, and dancehall horns, “CVS Bangers” is described by its creator as:

-“The audioscape for when you’re buying tampons or a 12 pack of condoms”
-“A sampling of those magic tunes that play when you’re contemplating how ridiculous you would look carrying 24 rolls of toilet paper on the train”
-“Those bittersweet tunes of yesteryear that skip through your mind as you read the nutritional information on the back of a box of frozen pizza and opt for a pint of ice cream instead “
-“Those special ditties that accompany your smashing the bar code of a can of Red Bull against the scanner of a broken self-checkout machine”

Fun fact about yr girl zcamp: I actually worked at CVS for one fateful summer, and it will be with me for the rest of my life because I acquired many skills (brandishing box cutters, stocking nail polish by color, shooing teenagers away from the cough syrup). This mix provokes a strong Proustian flashback to those glory days, probably a direct result of my listening to muzak for eight hours a day, every day, for three months. But you know, muzak is the soundtrack of capitalism, and it is my duty as an American to support capitalism, no matter what.

Pardon the digression. Enjoy the mix:

• DJ Hennessy Frontman: https://soundcloud.com/hennessyyoungman

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