♫♪  Dj Kenn AllOrNothing - “It Aint Nothin” (ft. Lil Flash)

Dj Kenn’s translucent beat tapestries and Lil Flash’s clumsy chunks of brusque drill imagery make up this hypnotic slice of metropolitan cacophony, a noirish Chicagoan soundscape that borrows aesthetic cues from New York’s late-70s No Wave scene. The chemistry between the two collaborators is unstable, bursting with energy as Lil Flash’s oppressively atonal delivery looms like smog above the bustling synth pads and samples beneath him. He plays the part of a dystopian cloud rap tyrant who transmits bars via speakers mounted on telephone poles and video screens plastered across the concrete exterior of government buildings. It’s an ominous image, one that’s uncomfortably alluring. You’re playing your old CD-ROM copy of SimCity 4, admiring your urban creation one last time before dropping the meteor. DJ Kenn and Lil Flash provide the soundtrack to the cruel actions of an uncaring deity.

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