♫♪  DJ Orange Julius - Some Pulp

New DJ Orange Julius alert with Some Pulp! Well, not entirely new, but “Penetrate Dem Guts” is practically a classic, beating the shit outta pairing versus rhythms, both fighting for your attention one-way or another. And then “Battle” drops like a boxing match just broke out into the audience, and people are slow-motion throwing chairs, knuckling keys, biting ears, whipping the referee with the whistle, smacking the bell over the announcer’s head, etc. But this collaboration with DJ Mastercard is when the cavernous drumming spelunks after “Gangs” commentary from news or whoever is feeling it. Like a gamelan being shot at with lazers in the middle of a footwork club covering-up the actual trap, but the block is hot. The block is on fire. Future. Some Pulp:

• DJ Orange Julius: https://soundcloud.com/dj-orange-julius
• TAR: http://wearetar.com

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