♫♪  DJ Paypal x TICKLISH - Worst Behavior

I can’t stop listening to DJ Paypal’s Drake Edits this week, but the one I’m turning to the most is Paypal’s and TICKLISH’s rework of Worst Behavior. Crazy high BPM and almost Jersey club-like work on the vocals. This is very different footwork than the likes of Teklife, wilder and brighter, and not calm, cool, and collected at all. The high pitched obsession of ‘bitch you betta have my money’ is the real gem. Whether intentional or not, Paypal and TICKLISH turn some misogynistic and capitalist words into a squeaky toy, effectively invalidating any sort of power associated with it. Though I also just like it cos the beat’s real good…

PS: I’m not well versed in Drake at all, so even if Drake is some foreign concept to you, still listen to the edits.

• DJ Paypal: https://soundcloud.com/djpaypal
• TICKLISH: https://soundcloud.com/ticklishofficial

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