Has the Sandman ever hit you so hard that you couldn’t even pry your eyes open in the morning? I’m not talking metaphorically either, I mean a straight glaze of debris sealing your eyelids together so snugly that you might need to enlist your thumb and index finger just to tear through that rheum casing standing between the world in your head and the one out there. What if your body’s trying to tell you something? Mummification might not be such an unnatural tradition after all. There is something kinda sacred about being mummified isn’t there, a total sacrifice of outside influence in the name of total internal preservation, wholeness sought through isolation.

I don’t know who DJ SACRED is, but SACRED MIXES VOL. 1 (courtesy of deep Memphis heads Doomshop Records) is some heavy closed eyelids shyt - a hallucination of Koopsta Knicca and Screw trading cards in the afterlife before the first flickers of sunlight penetrate that caked over imagination of yours. Stream it in its holy entirety below:

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