♫♪  dj shsHunj շշունջ - “Soft Summer ft. popcaan (blissed mix)”

You ever hear a song and think, “fuck, this would sound pretty good sped up”? Are you a sucker for pitched up vocals? Shit that sounds like the animal crossing soundtrack compressed into three minutes? If yes, boy, have I got the song for you! If no, then I still probably have the song for you, because there’s no way you’re not gonna like this. Its sole tag on the ol’ SoundCloud simply reads “#euphoria,” and for good reason, as it’s a mind-bending blur of Super Mario-esque synth loops, emphatic bass/cymbal hits, and Popcaan’s frenzied, accelerated vocals. Apparently this style (i.e., taking tracks, adding a little speed, making them more chaotic, glittery, etc.) is taking hold in Baltimore, and I can see why, because if I heard this in the club, I’d lose my mind. Lose my mind, I tell you! I would go bananas, limbs would flail, I’d be grinning, feeling euphoria and jubilation and confusion all at once in the best way possible.

Get your flashdance on by streaming/downloading this gem from Baltimore’s dj shsHunj շշունջ below!

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