♫♪  DJ Taye - Track Or Die [teaser EP]

Juke, with its syncopated hyperbeats, schizophrenic samples, and sub-bass lines, can be a challenging listen to the uninitiated, which is why we’re going to keep exposing you to the sounds that soundtrack these furious dance circles. Last Friday, we posted our review of the unfuckwithable new full-length Flight Muzik (TMT Review) by DJ Diamond, a 24-year-old Chicago producer who’s been at it since 13. Today, we’re posting a pre-release EP for Chicago producer DJ Taye’s upcoming full-length, Track Or Die, set for release on Ghettophiles. While not as refined as, say, Rashad, Roc, or Spinn, DJ Taye is barely old enough to drive! (If you’re short on time, at least check out “Put Ya Money Up.”)

And since most of us are clearly outsiders looking in on a style of music that’s so dependent on presence, wouldn’t hurt to check out some actual footwork action. Here’s a clip, which starts with DJ Rashad’s “Ghost,” a track off his amazing Just A Taste:

• DJ Taye: http://soundcloud.com/byrslf_division/dj-taye-so-many-placez
• Ghettophiles: http://www.ghettophiles.com

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