♫♪  DJ Zozi - “Zozi Theme”

Recently, obsession comes in the form of 1080p’s new 12-inch collection, but immediately, DJ Zozi is balling the court with Mellow Vibe. Spinning at standard 33, Mellow Vibe reappropriates typical vocal samples from new sounds that hit listeners like a heart-throb only their favorite club could provide. As an example, DJ Zozi’s first single “Zozi Theme” uses this “Whoa!” vocal sample that’s almost like a high-hat tap, smeared with synthetics both on-point and dripping, beats that spin backward as the speaker-voice trails forward, snares at high-speeds, and complete dance-bliss. Find yourself lost in “Zozi Theme” below, and grip Mellow Vibe off Red Eye to get lost in DJ Zozi’s bombastic mentality!

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