♫♪  DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE - Redneks

Like a wobbling wheel barely attached to a van, either rusted or rugged, barreling down the freeway: dem Redneks is all about popping off. From racing to parking in the matter of matters escalating; how long do it take for a shaking bolt or two to deteriorate completely? Or just unhinge. And everybody watching and sweating. Feeling the moment they become rubber necked after a hurling tire smashes into their glass shattering everywhere and in their coffee and shit goes gorilla. There ain’t no stopping yourself unless it’s someone else stopping you. Music flaring through the heat wave only that one DJ/PURLE/IMAGE can collectively hear and mash. The soundtrack to your anticipation for what’s next. Oh! There’s a swerve. The sounds warp with blood in your ears and head. But it’s changed. Always change. Constantly. Rattling off. Escape through the art. Become society in all its overwhelmingnesslymented. Encompass what you will and flash them hazards. In the mean time, keep freshing Redneks by DJ/PURLE/IMAGE until a new CD or split. It’s all coming soon!

• DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE: http://chanceimag.es/digital.html

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