♫♪  DJWWWW - “Tokyo Metro”

Phinery’s latest split cassette flips from well-loved TMT alumnus Mukqs to the ecstatic DJWWWW and ends far, far beyond, past the blood-soaked metro lines and screaming crowds, in a space where a close relative of Jar Jar Binks has nestled inside Jabba the Hutt’s throat and can’t quite stop wagging its fat, flickering tongue. Pastoralism builds as gorgeous choral bursts punctuate the blatherings of our blergh’ing starlet, and the back-scape further twinkles with exploding puffs of endless information. Everyone’s come out to play. After about four minutes of this, I can’t remember what life sounded like before, nor do I want to.

Click through the audio player to get the tape!

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