♫♪  Dogs in Ecstasy - “Welcome 2 Hell”

If you’ve read any of my previous posts for TMT or Decoder, you know that I’ll always have a soft spot for my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I can’t see myself living there again anytime in the near future, but I love that city, and I love a good chunk of the music coming out of there. One such Milwaukee band, Dogs In Ecstasy, are certainly no strangers to my posts, and I’m really excited to be sharing their debut album, Welcome 2 Hell, which just dropped on Juiceboxxx’s Thunderzone label. If you’re a fan of power pop anthems, midi versions of Steely Dan, and the impending Grunge revival, then you’re gonna eat this up. For those new to “the Dogs,” the band is made up of some Milwaukee music lifers, who’ve logged time backing Juiceboxxx (as “the Heartland Band”), raged in the party rock outfit Big Fun4ever, and cut their teeth in the legendary Doom Buggy. Their social media presence, as well as some of their song titles, might hint at this band being a complete joke, but trust me when I say that this is the real deal Midwest rock ‘n’ roll, folks!

Welcome 2 Hell!

• Dogs in Ecstasy: http://thunderzoneusa.bandcamp.com

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