The first album from Fright House, a label “specialising in oddball, out of the box electronic music”, is DOKO’s SO FETCH, a bubbly, high pitched, saccharine, bassy amusement park ride about your favorite celebrities, going to the club, and princesses. SO FETCH may call to mind So So In Luv or Sophie’s infamous Boiler Room set, but the bass and lyrical content are pulled to even more of a sugar rush extreme. DOKO is interested in maximalism. “I’m a princess in High School Musical” is the main lyric in “DIAL UP PRINCESS”. “JUST NUTS” is a minute long read on every bass drop ever. But what keeps us listening is DOKO’s interest in minimalism to counteract these images and practices of excess. Maybe it’s the consistency of DOKO’s dialogue or the tiny length of every track that make the palette of SO FETCH so tight. Or the way a barrage of sounds create an atmosphere that feels, dare we say it, calming. Ariana Grande’s maximalist voice is so common these days that it’s possible to take a shrill sound as an anti-anxiety pill because the familiarity provides security. DOKO’s cradling us with what we already know, but it’s as much of a chokehold as it is a hug. And sadly, according to Twitter, this is DOKO’s last release ever. So sad!

• DOKO: https://soundcloud.com/dokomusic
• Fright House: https://soundcloud.com/fright-house-records

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