“I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here In My Satellite”

With all the gene splicing and atom splitting that goes into engineering beats these days, it’s refreshing and downright dirty (in a good way) to hear Doldrums kick off this track with such catastrophic drums. And those horn hits! Doldrums’ downer name is misleading, as is his bemoaned homesickness. There’s a lot of cosmic imagery tossed around in modern pop music, but it’s rare for it to remind us that space is actually exciting — this track’s eponymous satellite surprises us, channeling space in order to evoke groove instead of grandeur. It’s less Space Odyssey, more Tatooine cantina. See, doesn’t that feel nice?

Altered Zones tipped us off to this track, and we’re thankful for it. Big days ahead for Doldrums: they’re playing some spots at CMJ, and Portishead’s upcoming “Chase The Tear” 12-inch features Doldrums’ remix as the B-side. Get Parrot Talk, the mix from which “Homesick…Satellite” hails, on Doldrums’ blog right now.

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