♫♪  Dolphins Into The Future - Lieven Martens Moana - Songs Of Gold, Incandescent

It’s the fifth time now old Lieven Martens Moana (a.k.a. Dolphins Into The Future) is releasing Songs Of Gold, Incandescent, but finally in CD formats, which come in blue, green, and black, and are still (barely all) in stock. Why? Well, outside of it being some of the best composition made this decade, Lieven and (his good friend) Spencer Clark are going on a two-show tour in Japan, including a radio session together! That’s right TMT Japanese crowd, it’s time y’all finally got a taste of real-time mastery. Thanks to Newtone Records this once-in-a-rare-while opportunity is hitting Tokyo and Osaka with a variety of other local musicians us here at TMT highly praise, as well. So if you’re around, you’d better be blazing these shows into a pile of ash. And if you’re not, there’s an opportunity to expand your Dolphins into the Future collection by clicking the Bandcamp link below.

One last time, here’s the Lieven Martens Moana and Spencer Clark routing:
2/4 — Dommune Radio Session, Tokyo
2/6 — Club Stomp, Osaka
2/7 — Ochiai Soup, Tokyo

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