♫♪  DOOM - “Doomsayer” [remix by Young Guru]

Dropped in true DOOM fashion, “Doomsayer” was posted late last year with no information regarding intention or its placement in the grand scheme of the ever-expanding DOOM mythos. It begins with a deep-throat clearing, as if the metal-faced wordsmith is waking up from a long hibernation, and ends with the usual world-domination Dr. Doom sample. And it’s good to see the supervillain is still using all of those non-threatening lyrics like “hunk-a-junk trunk,” “sanitary napkin bin,” and “winter fresh banana berry blend” to complete his world takeover declarations. Let’s hope this is the start of something bigger.

• DOOM: http://rappcats.tumblr.com
• Young Guru: http://twitter.com/Young_Guru

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