♫♪  Dracula Lewis - “NEAR DARK” (produced by Palmistry)

Hundebiss Records does it right because of Dracula Lewis (also, owner of the label; a.k.a. Simone Trabucchi). So what better than follow up his last album, Use Your Illusions, with a mixtape (that is potentially popping off on DatPiff, if I’m not mistaken) entitled Technical XTC. Following the label’s lineage, after popping off a slew of noise, dance, and weirdo releases, the label-head is going straight hip-hop. —Err, contextually… in the same way Rick Ross will release Mastermind on double LP, but come out with a mixtape — just as long (digital) and just as good — a year after. Not to mention, Dracula Lewis employees a smattering of A-List undergrounders: D/P/I, Jaws, Helm, Ramzi, Three Legged Race, Sewn Leather, and Palmistry.. who produced the teaser track “NEAR DARK.”

And I used “teaser” there because “NEAR DARK” sounds like it adds to the suspense of finally hearing the entirety of Technical XTC. As if Dracula Lewis and Palmistry KNEW they were making “NEAR DARK” as a lingering and pensive jam that’d introduce the album to the world, but leave people waiting for that STAB that is Technical XTC. To be honest, I’m ready for the mixtape to murder the FUCK outta me, but I’m willing to wait. Stoked to interview Simone next week too! Got plenty of stuff to ask him. Maybe I’ll toss in, “What’s your favorite part of the movie, Near Dark?” Though, now that I typed that out, it appears way lamer in text than in my mind. Hi!

• Dracula Lewis: https://soundcloud.com/dracula-lewis
• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com

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