♫♪  Drake - “You Know, You Know” (Prod. By Kanye West)

Baby Drake

Everything old is new, everything new is old, etc etc, see: this all-of-a-sudden post of the Six God’s 2009 Kanye-helmed “You Know, You Know” (in ‘CD quality,’ a phrase that feels almost exactly as retro as reflecting on 2009). As much as this sounds recognizably like Thank Me Later/Sprite-era Drizzy — complete with youthful confidence and silly boasting (“I’m here feeling like 50 back in ‘02” / “Half a million dollars later and my taxes paid, and I’m still spending money from my acting days”) — the track is possibly more noticeable as a refresher on pre-Twisted Fantasy Ye’s headspace: a full “thwappppp” snare fused to an insanely arpeggiated synth that is less club than Rainbow Road, “You Know, You Know” hits that specific sweet spot of baroque minimalism which was each artist’s signature before the decade changed over (and before they both solidified their unique paths of creative megalomania). High energy but not quite celebratory, this is not the tears in your beer Drake that makes you sad-text your whole messenger list when you’re out at 3am. No New Friends is right.

Listen below:

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