♫♪  Dreamcolour - Looking In Your Mirror To Find Luck (The Lower Side)

I’m in love with Dreamcolour. Just the name alone, amirite? But the two playing styles of Rob Magill and Alex Gray are so distinct, the when hearing them blended, it’s true imagination. Both masters of the percussion: organ and drums. Both masters of breath and melody: sax and bamboo. Both of minds that are constantly cranking creativity that pulsates without thinking, like how people hum or whistle or sing and not even know it until someone says, “Hey!!!! ….that’s pretty good.”

Looking In Your Mirror To Find Luck (The Lower Side) stands no difference in these points raised (SEE: above @raised). There’s angles and contorted navigation. A free-step that one can’t help to avant-dance to. So many spirals easily spat at to the ratio of finger to wind to possession. Call and response dimensions apart. Dreamcolour resonates the being and separates man from mortality and animal. Looking In Your Mirror To Find Luck (The Lower Side) is streaming below. Become beyond:

• Rob Magill: http://rob-magill.bandcamp.com
• Alex Gray: http://chanceimag.es
• Weird Cry Records: https://weirdcry.bandcamp.com

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