♫♪  Dreams - “Over”

Over the past couple of years, Astro Nautico has really established its motif. Focusing more on sounds and atmosphere, the label has taken some of the best bedroom beatmakers and shown us that beat tapes can be called albums too, dammit! Taking artists relying on lesser-known and lesser-heard noises to comprise their beats, each release has a distinct non-studio sound to it. Nothing is over-produced, all of it sounds hand-crafted.

The new single “Over” from Dreams grabs those noises from Astro Nautico’s VHS-warped sound and chucks them into outer space, where every noise can echo outward infinitely. Humans have launched a number of probes into outer space filled with examples of Earth music from varying genres and time periods in hopes of communicating it to other potential lifeforms in the universe. I imagine this track is what it would sound like if those aliens had a chance to listen to it all and send us a response. It’s a fitting release for a label called Astro Nautico.

Check it out below, and buy the Lost Kingdom album over at Astro Nautico.

• Astro Nautico: http://astronautico.com

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