♫♪  Dreams West - “Southern Safari”

So, I feel like the importance of everything is energy and how we “transfer” it. I’m not talking about a spiritual or ethereal energy, but straight-up energy we exert and its repercussions. For example, my writing energy right now is transferring to your energy’s capacity to comprehend and listen. Furthermore, you’re listening to James West’s music energy because Jennifer Baron transferred her knowledge energy from her husband’s production energy. Now, I’m using the word “energy” loosely, and I realize what I’m saying is a little obvious, but I’m trying to point out more a way of living rather than perception. Not that I’m telling you how to live either, just jesting a way of sharing and being. That being sai -err, written, I love the idea of south and the notion safaris, and I’m going on one right meow via reality ///my mind grapes\\ with “Southern Safari.”

• Dreams West: http://dreamswest.bandcamp.com
• As Above So Below: http://asabovesobelowtapes.tumblr.com

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