♫♪  Drophead vs Silent Land Time Machine - From Ashes Comes the Day

What if it were just a routine mission? Being dropped upon an alien planet where intelligent life thrived as the planet spun itself on an axis fast enough that it takes about a month to become comfortable with environment’s energy. Only a week here is about 15 minutes Earth-time, and as everything ages and withers, births and cries, and all the refracted light color-skews like a blessing as it infinity. The people here care for you as a being of extra terrestrial possession; patiently scrawled across the temple’s entrance reads From Ashes Comes the Day.

There’s a hum here on this planet that is as if the shifting atmosphere is conversing with itself. Trade winds and clouds, leaves into water upon looped in and out spirals of current, feet walking on sand that’s crackling with shells upon crustaceans. Everything is very similar to something your used to, but the typical nature of senses and lore and reality connecting changes the familiarity of position, while the crumbling down sense of territory is at an utmost maximum. Weight is within the softness. Tense is collaboration. Outcome is the belief that genius is given by day-one rather than meticulous measures throughout YOUR time.

And it’s time for Drophead vs Silent Land Time Machine. And it’s From Ashes Comes the Day. And they’re making sonic waves like you wouldn’t even believe. Oh! And it’s out on HOLODECK Records via digital, cassette, and LP (FOR MORE INFORMATION SCOPE MEGANGEL POSTING BY MAX HERE). Don’t waste away before they’re all gone!

• Drophead: http://drophead.ca
• HOLODECK Records: http://holodeckrecords.com

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