♫♪  Drunk Elk / Russian Tsarlag - Drunk Elk / Gel Stations Past

Goaty Tapes finally dropped their fancy share of vinyl to keep up with the waxing world, and the two choices they began to begin with are perfect for the labels continuous, lackadaisical conundrum of musicians who take it fucking SERIOUSLY, while seemingly (and completely) DIPPED-OUT!

First up: Drunk Elk. Mixing bDylan-punk, Sunday-morning organs, penetrating baselines, and stark vocals, Drunk Elk stumbles about the nine-track self-titled records with a grace that makes stumbling a performance art. Lyrics spelling it out as if the singing itself didn’t sound as though Drunk Elk is sermoning out bouts of 3:30AM wisdom. Waking up a week later half across the world. Other hemisphere. Now completely conscious. With the light blaring down. It’s not that hot. And only the memory Drunk Elk. Melodies seared in your mind:

My man Russian Tsarlag back on his moody. Sometimes the only way I can vamp up my ego is listening to a little sad music when I’m sad, and sometimes I’m always sad. Yet, it’s weird to think just the SOUND of Gel Stations Past makes me feel gloomy. Worth it, forever. Melt all over the Russian Tsarlag vibe until you mold back yourself again. His art is you and me. Coalesce with a eternity. There’s always solutions and heartbreaks and what-have-yous. Continue on the journey:

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