♫♪  DTTØ - Botanics

Zooming on the highway,
Above the city,
Palm tree,
Palm tree,
Palm tree;
A uniformity like the moon’s surface.

Sometimes a cigar is just a symbol.
Sometimes a movie camera is just a movie camera.

But whatever; what has never been and what will never be.
A dizzy kind of ditzy and sexy Instagram musicality,
With 100 dollar Nikes on,
Mostly on the weekends,
Wet with desire.

The beyond,
The beyond,
The beyond,
The fuckin’ present, bro.

Shit me not.
Water a shadow,
Waded across the island,
Soundless, preserved.

A beach, where fog.
A castle, where fog.
Wherein, wherein
The sound, the sound.

Or a plaza.

A square of fountains.

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